Our Mission

At Brian Graham Salon, we provide a contemporary sanctuary for beauty.
Here, guests take pleasure in personalized attention from first-class consultants who apply their expertise in design color and style. Collectively, we create an unforgettable look and provide unparalleled service – for everyone seeking a retreat from it all.

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tips from atty

A common mistake most people make when filing their nails, is that they use a file that is too coarse.  Using a too coarse file can cause the nails to peel and become brittle.  I recommend the Purifiles nail file.  It is a professional product that is available at Brian Graham Salon for home use.  It has the perfect grit to leave a smooth edge.  Why this product is so unique is that you can wash them.  To get rid of the accumulated nail dust just scrub with an old toothbrush and soap and water.  Pat dry and it is like new.

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