As a new service provider at Brian Graham Salon, you will take part in a comprehensive training program. You will be working one-on-one with many eligible employees who will mentor and train you on all skills required to become a versatile employee in the salon. The program is estimated to last approximately one year and will include multiple opportunities to have your service skills evaluated while performing in the salon as a New Talent Stylist.

Working with Models

You are responsible for acquiring models for education and in-salon training sessions. You and your assigned educator will consult ahead of time as to the specifications and requirements for your model. You are responsible for having this conversation ahead of time and will need to confirm all details for your session with your educator.

All training work on models is done gratis. Be sure to communicate with your model that this is a learning situation. Choose your models thoughtfully and be respectful of their time. The purpose is for you to improve upon and build your skill level; as a result, your model receives his/her services free of charge.

Skills for Evaluation

At Brian Graham Salon, your education and training is multi-faceted. Not only will we evaluate your skills behind the chair, but also you’re consultative and communication skills as well as those related to customer service, product knowledge, and retail sales. This also includes all aspects of the salon business, such as retention services like client records, pre-booking future business, and thank you cards.

How to Apply

Please complete and submit our online application. You are also welcome to send us your resume by mail or email, or to drop it off in person. Interviews occur after we review resumes. We will contact you and set up a meet-and-greet appointment, then may follow up with further interviews with Brian Graham, salon managers, and other staff members. Thank you for considering beginning your career with Brian Graham Salon.